Monday, November 15, 2010

The basics of Interviewing

The basics of Interviewing Interviews are intimidating experiences. I have provided a few tips that may ease your mind and give you the confidence you need to land that next job! My Videocast/Vodcast is located at:

Best of luck!
Belinda Bernhard, PHR

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Podcast for Job Search

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Making Technology Work for Your Job Search

Today, finding a job requires more than a newspaper and a resume. Most of us are aware that it requires use of the Internet, computer and online applications, but do we know what happens on the other side of that job application? Where does that job application go? Why do we often never receive a response back from that application?

Online job applications have become conventional in today’s world. We find a job online, click on a link, and apply. The way that we apply for that job varies. Sometimes we are given instructions to e-mail an HR Manager, sometimes we are given a fax number, and occasionally we are provided with an address. More often than not, we are sent directly to an on online job application link or address. All applications require one thing: a resume.

If we are submitting our resume via online, one thing is critical: we must save our resume in a format that can be read and opened by anyone. There is not one version of software or not one type of computer. We cannot assume that the person receiving our document can read our personal standard of “saving” a document.

There are many formats to save our documents, but the best way to save a document is in a format called “Rich Text Format” – otherwise known as “RTF”. This format can be read by anyone. Whether you are sending your document via e-mail or through an online application site, this is the best way to transmit your information. Many times an online application site will provide you with options or suggestions, such as: we accept MS Word, RTF, Plain Text, or PDF.

Some applications sites allow you the option to “upload” your resume or “copy and paste” it into a text box. Either way works. Beware of one difficulty that could occur. If you copy/paste your resume in MS Word or RTF, the formatting may not carry through with your well-planned and designed resume. One way to prevent this problem is to save an additional copy of your resume in “Plain Text”. This version will be left-hand justified, and without bullets or fancy formatting.

The final piece of advice I want to share with you today is that the majority of times we submit our resumes through online applications sites, a real, human person may never read our resume. That’s right, a computer program, or a “Human Resources Information System” reads your resume and decides if it is appropriate for the job listed in the application! A concept referred to as “key words” is used to determine if you may be a candidate to review or interview for the job. The easiest way to understand this process is this: A job listing or description almost always lists the title of the job, education requirements, and the key skills that re required to perform that job. An HRIS system “counts” how many “key words” in your resume match up to the “key words” in the job description. Your resume may be well written, but if it does not list the skills listed in the job posting, your resume will be “deleted”. You must make sure your resume for the specific job you are applying for matches the job description.

In my Blog entitled Career Coach, located at: I will have several upcoming posts on this particular subject. My goal is for you to have a successful job search; understanding how technology works can help make that happen. Best of luck from your Career Coach, Belinda Bernhard!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blogging with Multimedia

As business and services have started to grow and expand through the Internet, blogging has become an integral part of these services. A web site alone is not enough. It is essential that owners have the expertise, knowledge, and skills necessary for successful services. Drawing in customers is the most crucial part of this business. Multimedia is necessary to develop a strong customer base.


The key factors in getting a job include:
1. Apply fast
2. Write a Resume and Cover letter that address the specific position
3. Apply well (professional)

As a Human Resource Professional, I advise my clients to use various resources for job applications. One size does not fit all - nor does one resource. Jump right on the opportunity! Don't be too cute or fancy; give them what they need in a professional, well-written format.

Thursday, September 9, 2010